What to do after you have self tested

Before you hit the town for some fun, you should be aware of your sexual health by doing an HIV self-test at home.

The test that is taken in the privacy of your home takes a few minutes, after which you get your results. If you need to discuss your results with a trained professional call 1190 or check out www.chukuaselfie.com.

Now that you know your HIV status, you are free to live your best life, because you can make informed decisions that will protect you and your partner from HIV infections.

One of the exciting things to do is meeting new people and socializing, but most people find it to be a daunting task.

This is because you will judge people after seeing them for the very first time. And they will judge you too based on how their first interaction with you goes.

Well, here are simple tricks for making a great first impression in just 15 seconds.

  1. Be mindful of personal body space, you don’t want to run up to someone and kiss them if they don’t want that.
  2. Don’t stand so far away that you need to raise your voice to speak to them.
  3. Treat the person like you would treat a friend.
  4. Master small talk by speaking to them about themselves and their accomplishments – people love talking about themselves.
  5. If the conversation is drying up, excuse yourself to ‘go to the bathroom’ or to ‘get some food’.
  6. Dress in an outfit that makes you feel confident as the brain is wired to behave based on how you feel in a look.
  7. Stand tall, never have your arms folded and have a ‘pleasant disposition’.

With these tricks mastered, no woman will be able to resist you.

And to stay clean make sure you always practice safe sex and get yourself tested regularly. It’s easier than ever with kits available for purchase at your local pharmacy at only 500 shillings or online at My Dawa and Kasha. Use Promo code CHUKUASELFIE for 15% off!





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