Chukua Selfie! What does the result in your HIV self test mean?

The question of what you should do after self-testing should not bother you as we got you covered.

Getting tested is the first step and it goes to show how bold, courageous and responsible you are as a man/ woman. The test may turn positive or negative but that should not be a reason for you to get worried.

Here is what to do if you are

  1. Positive

If your results come back positive the best thing to do is go to a hospital as soon as possible to get a confirmatory test.

Carry the home test with you in-case it is needed for comparison with the new test.

If a second test confirms you are indeed positive, get counseling and liaise with your doctor on how you will be accessing your ARV’s. Keep in mind that with the proper nutrition and medication HIV is a manageable disease.


If your self-test and the results turn negative, that should encourage you to continue living responsible and having protected sex.

That, however, does not mean that you should stop self-testing every few months.

You can visit a health center to learn more about safe sex and abstinence, after all, it is better to be safe than sorry.

  1. A false-positive

A test is considered a false -positive when an initial test indicated that they had HIV but a follow-up test was negative.

A false positive typically results from the test incorrectly identifying non-HIV antibodies as HIV antibodies.

When your self-testing kit gives such results, the healthcare provider will perform an additional test to ensure that the result is accurate.

If the second result is also positive, it confirms the presence of HIV in your body. In this case, a healthcare provider will provide support and information about treatment options.

If the follow-up test is negative, it means that the first test was incorrect.

Testing for HIV is the only way to be sure of your HIV status; HIV self-testing allows you to do this in private and in your own time.You can purchase a home testing kit at your local pharmacy for only 500 bob. Also check out My Dawa and Kasha for online orders. Use Promo code CHUKUASELFIE for 15% off.

An initial positive result must be confirmed by a qualified healthcare provider.

For more details call 1190 to talk to a qualified professional.



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