Condoms, tongue…5 Tools of massive sexual pleasure

Do Kenyans really use sex gadgets?

Many sex companies have unveiled their latest products. However, here is our list of readily available tools of massive sexual pleasure that are readily available.


Your fingers can do the job for you to ignite the foreplay flames before you can get down to business.

How well you use your fingers on the woman’s erogenous zones will be rewarded by the moans she elicits so use your fingers and your ears to ensure she is soaring to cloud nine with every single touch and thrust.

Diving for treasure

All hail the power of the tongue.

You need to learn the art of snorkeling and loving the feeling of drowning in pussy.

Your tongue should know its way around each and every crevice that is the beautiful flower of a woman.

If your tongue learns to the proper snorkel – dance, you will garner yourself a hardcore following from your woman who will always be down to a jig any day, any time.


What is more sensual than your soft lips on your woman’s erogenous zones as you slowly breathe in her scent?

You ca playfully bite her skin as you work your way down her body, by the time you are done, she will be begging for your deep thrusts.

Lips are underrated but they are the sexiest weapons of mass pleasure dispensation.


Condoms are the MVP of the safe sex game. It has provided a means to have safe and pleasurable sex.

Bless it.

For you and your partner to have a better sexual experience even as you practice safe sex, it is good to Chukua Selfie. Self-testing for HIV in the privacy of your home will inform you of your status. You can also talk to a qualified counsellor on 1190 or check out on where you can get the kits.


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