4 Big Lessons I Got After Having Sex With A Condom

Good sex is usually punctuated with trust and provision of a safe environment.

Trust comes about when the lass knows her sexual health will not be jeopardized by yours and vice versa. This can be avoided if you both take HIV self-tests to ascertain your status and agree on how to best protect each other.

For more details about the self-test kits, call 1190 or peep more information at www.chukuaselfe.com.

As for providing a safe environment, both you and the hot lass need to be at ease knowing that mumeweka condom mpangoni.

That said, here are the main lessons I have learnt from using condoms.

It’s safer to use ONLY one condom

Many people have been told that using two condoms increases protection. Well, the truth is, it’s actually the worst idea. Doing so causes friction and frankly, it’s uncomfortable because it’s rather too tight. Besides, I don’t want to keep my woman waiting ever again as I wear a second condom. Especially while she’s dripping wet. I prefer sliding into my sock and right after that resting deep in her p*ssy. There’s nothing as sexy as fluid lovemaking!

Condoms are NOT the only contraception

Contrary to what many believe, there are several other contraception options, which include pills, progestogen-only pill, contraceptive implant, diaphragm or cap, and many others.

The thing about condoms is that they kill two birds with one stone. They prevent both unwanted pregnancies and deadly STI and STD infections.

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Condoms may not be perfect, as sometimes unwanted pregnancies or infections happen when one burst, which I must say is quite rare. Make sure you use additional contraception if necessary, of course with your physician’s consultation.

Also, you can Chukua Selfie (do an HIV self-test) to ensure that you did not contract HIV during sex. You can talk to a qualified counselor if you have been in a similar situation by calling 1190.

Condoms DO NOT make you less sensitive

Let me say this: it’s all about both of you being super horny, passionate about the f*cking that matters. It’s all in how you squeeze her a** cheeks, how wide you spread her legs and how good you work with her wet p*ssy. It’s all about how good you are at giving it to her.

Contrary to that making you less sensitive, they make your male partner last longer in bed, increasing satisfaction. This shouldn’t be a reason why you shouldn’t use condoms. In addition to this advantage, you guard yourself against a host of diseases and avoid unwanted pregnancy. So, get rid of the “nyama kwa nyama” mentality.

You actually need a condom for oral sex

Wueeh! There’s no slight difference between oral sex when “bare” and when wearing a condom. The sensation is the same when you get head (if she knows how to do it well) is maintained.

For me, it worked perfectly well. I can’t complain.

By the way, using a condom for oral sex guards you from STIs like Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and Herpes, which are transmitted this way. Using a condom doesn’t limit your pleasure; it, in fact, guards you against sexually transmitted infections.



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